29th Dec 2014


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will open the Express Entry system on January 1, 2015.   Immigration Lawyer, Deidre S. Powell will help you with your application to ensure that you application prepared accurately to ensure that your application can be processed in 6 months or less.

Deidre S. Powell and her team of professionals will provide you with personalized and expert legal advice every step of the way.  We take the time to first grant you a free evaluation of your experience, education and background and advise you if you qualify.

Once you are deemed qualified, we take you through the entire immigration procedure, from initial evaluation to when you have your landing documents in your hand.

We also provide newcomers guide about what to expect and the first things to do on your arrival in Canada.

We are a full service law firm, so we do not leave you hanging.  We specialize in ensuring that you fully understand the process, we identify possible weaknesses in your case and help you overcome these weakness before submitting your application.

Attorney Deidre S. Powell encourages you to apply early and use an authorized immigration lawyer to ensure that you receive the best legal advice based on your individual circumstance.

Part of our specialized service includes entering our clients into the Express Entry Pool and Job Bank in order to be selected by an employer and possibly receive an Invitation to Apply for a Permanent Residence visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you are interested in the Express Entry system follow these simple steps:

Determine your eligibility by completing our online application form

Find out if you are eligible to come to Canada.

We will respond to you to advise if you are eligible.

An email will be sent

Telephone/ In office Meeting with our Immigration Lawyer, Deidre S. Powell

Discuss our retainer agreement, fees and what to expect

Pay the requisite fee

We have various payment methods and flexible payment plan for young applicants.

Processing of your application

We will open your file and submit a detailed list of documents to submit to us to process your application on your behalf.

After we submit your application to CIC we provide you with the next

We will guide you with what to expect after we submit the application on your behalf.

Invitation to Apply

Once you get an invitation to apply we will submit your completed application to CIC within 60 days.

Prepare you for landing in Canada

We prepare you and provide information on what to expect when you arrive in Canada.

For more information about the Express Entry program or to learn more about the services that Attorney Deidre S. Powell  provides, please submit email to info@deidrepowell.com or call 613.695.8777

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