There are two ways to find out which immigration program is better suited to your situation by answering a few questions.

1. You can use our easy online tool and answer a few questions.

2. If you already know which program you are interested in, you can read about it:

Programs for workers

Sponsorship programs

Find out if you are admissible

If you are eligible to apply under one of the immigration programmes, you will also have to be admissible to Canada to be able to immigrate.  We will review the information submitted to us to determine if you admissible.

Some people are not allowed to come to Canada. They are known as “inadmissible” under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

There are a number of reasons you can be found inadmissible, denied a visa or refused entry to Canada.

However, you can overcome your inadmissibility with our help.  For more information contact us at 613.695.8777 to schedule a consultation with our immigration lawyer, Deidre S. Powell.