How to apply for the Federal Internship for Newcomers ( FIN) Program

The Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) Program provides newcomers with valuable temporary Canadian work experience and training opportunities with federal government departments and agencies and private sector organizations.

The number and types of positions available in a given year vary. Internships are offered in fields like policy, administration, project management, computer science, communications, science and finance.

Interns are hired for 90 working days. The internship may be extended an additional 90 working days. A mentor is provided for the duration of the internship.

In addition to gaining Canadian work experience, interns are able to:

  • learn about Canadian workplace culture
  • understand hiring processes
  • network with professionals
  • attend orientation sessions or training


Who is eligible

To be eligible, you must:

  1. be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen in Canada for less than 10 years (based on the date you became a permanent resident);
  2. have the necessary language abilities in English or French (minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of 7)
  3. have a post-secondary degree (with the exception of administrative positions where it is an asset);
  4. be registered and successfully screened by one of the program’s immigrant-serving organization partners; and
  5. either
    1. live or work in Ottawa/Gatineau (or within a 125 kilometre radius), Toronto (or within a 125 kilometre radius), Vancouver (or within a 145 kilometre radius on Canadian territory) or Victoria (or within a 75 kilometre radius)
      (Note: In the future, additional locations may be added), or
    2. be a graduate of the World University Service of Canada’s Student Refugee Program.

Past participants: Interns can reapply to the program once.

Not eligible? Canadian citizens can apply online for federal public service jobs on the Public Service Commission’s job website, or participate in other programs, such as a post-secondary co-op/internship program.

How to apply

If you are eligible, here’s how to apply:

  1. Contact one of the program’s immigrant-serving organization partners to be assessed for employment readiness (this is mandatory, as the organization will be contacted to verify that you have successfully gone through this process).

The organization will meet with you in person and:

    • evaluate your language skills in English or French (minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of 7);
    • refer you to the appropriate licensing/assessment bodies for the assessment of your  credentials, if needed; and
    • refer you to additional job readiness training, if needed (i.e. resume writing or interview coaching)
  1. The next online application process will be available on May 7 and 8, 2015 on When applying, you will be asked to:
    • Submit a paragraph about what the internship means to you (this will help organizations  evaluate your writing skills)
    • Complete a questionnaire about your education and experience to see how you fit with the job requirements
    • Provide the name and contact information of the immigrant-serving organization that assessed you.

For each category, there are essential qualifications that all applicants must meet. These are outlined in the Statement of Merit Criteria. Only apply for positions in categories for which you have the required education and experience.

You are not required to meet asset qualifications, but are encouraged to specify and explain those that you do meet. You may also be assessed on these criteria.

Management may choose one or more asset qualifications at the pre-screening stage to determine the number of applicants who will advance to the following stage of the selection process.

After you apply

Immigrant-serving organization partners

You can contact one of these partner organizations to be screened for job readiness.


The Greater Toronto Area (GTA):

The Greater Vancouver Area and Victoria: